Antony Gormley 'Stand Up for Ukraine' (2022)

Antony Gormley 'Stand Up for Ukraine' (2022)

Antony Gormley
Stand Up for Ukraine  
Edition of 150
Photopolymer gravure on Somerset 300 gsm textured paper
59 x 40.7 cm | 23 1/4 x 16 in. 
Signed and numbered 
Published by White Cube, 2022 

Having visited Kyiv many times and having exhibited there twice – when I received the warmth, hospitality, and friendship of many Ukrainians - I wanted to express in a simple way the solidarity I feel with their bravery and resistance to injustice. This is the space of a standing man in a changing field that confines and extends him. It expresses my empathy for the bravery and sacrifice of all those Ukrainians defending their lives and land and I hope it will touch the empathy of others here and encourage them to help in whatever way they can.
– Antony Gormley

Stand Up for Ukraine (2022) is an edition by Antony Gormley, which echoes his 2020 edition Together. A single field of colour pools, coagulates and dries to form an open silhouette of a body, finding form in an exchange between amalgamation and concentration, suggesting a process of connected care, of unity in separateness.

Please note

  • White Cube will be in touch to arrange shipping or collection after you purchase.
  • Editions are limited to one copy per household. 
  • There is no VAT charged on this sale as all proceeds are going to charities supporting Ukraine, Hope and Homes for Children and Care International.
  • White Cube reserves the right to cancel or refund orders for any reason. 

This edition is sold unframed. For further information please contact

Hope and Homes for Children is working with Ukrainian authorities to ensure institutionalised child evacuees are monitored, tracked, recorded, and cared for in a safe environment. In the southwestern border nations of Moldova and Romania, the charity is helping to replenish resources at emergency relief, registration and reception centres, and ensuring the safe evacuation of children, their carers and their families. 

Care International is helping to provide vital food, hygiene and medical support inside Ukraine, as well as essential supplies, psychosocial support and livelihood training in neighbouring countries for refugees who are fleeing over the border. The charity is also providing life-saving support to those in crisis in other areas around the world affected by conflict and crises, including Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria and Ethiopia, with a particular focus on the needs of women and girls.



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